Leadership & Management Certification Program

The Leadership and Management certification program, a collaborative effort between Envision and the University of Mary, provides rising and current leaders with an outcome-driven professional development experience. The 9 courses, complemented by executive coaching sessions, can be taken in any order to fit busy schedules with a recommended (though not required) completion time of two years. The University of Mary will award participants with a Leadership and Management Plaque upon successful completion of all nine courses.


Why We Exist
This program was designed to create and inspire greater levels of success, now and for future generations.


What We Aim to Achieve
To see participants respected globally as leaders in people development, strategy, engagement and results.


How We Plan to Achieve the Vision
To upskill participants using world-class leadership content including management tools and strategies.

Emerging Leader Peer to Manager ESG Training Conflict Manager Strategic Leader Session Delegation Engaging Leader Effective Communication in the Workplace Diversity in the Workplace Program Graduation

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A la carte
One class at a time

  • Cost per Envision (2-day) Course: $2,100
  • Cost per University of Mary Course: $400
  • One-on-one Professional Coaching available with the Envision Team at a monthly fee
  • ENV318 – Emerging Leader course is now called Management and Leadership Essentials

Full Certification Program
$10,200 per participant

  • One free University of Mary training when enrolled in all 4 University of Mary courses ($400 value).
  • Includes complementary One-on-One Professional Coaching when enrolled in all 5 Envision courses ($3750 value) and a discount of $300 per 2-day Envision course per participant ($1500 value).

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